1934 – A Young Man’s Dream

At the age of 19, a locally known pioneer named Herb Clark (of Keremeos) fell in love with the Cathedrals. Long before the area was a park, he went to work in the mines for $3 a day – hoping to save enough to purchase his dream. Finally, in 1934, with $500 saved, he bought two parcels of land from the BC government – 40 acres located on Quiniscoe Lake and 40 acres between Glacier and Pyramid Lakes. Wanting to share his piece of paradise with the public, he started a horseback guiding service, and constructed two guest cabins on Quiniscoe Lake.

1964/65 – Cathedral Lakes Lodge Inc. is formed and a jeep road constructed

1968 – The BC government establishes Cathedral Provincial Park

1977 – C.P. “Chess” Lyons (naturalist, world traveller, television producer and author) visits the park and has this to say:

“An international boundary survey recorded these magnificent mountains and sparkling lakes for the first time in 1860. Charles Wilson was the secretary-treasurer in charge of establishing an international boundary.”