1934 – A Young Man’s Dream

At the age of 19, a locally known pioneer named Herb Clark (of Keremeos) fell in love with the Cathedrals. Long before the area was a park, he went to work in the mines for $3 a day – hoping to save enough to purchase his dream. Finally, in 1934, with $500 saved, he bought two parcels of land from the BC government – 40 acres located on Quiniscoe Lake and 40 acres between Glacier and Pyramid Lakes. Wanting to share his piece of paradise with the public, he started a horseback guiding service, and constructed two guest cabins on Quiniscoe Lake.

1964/65 – Cathedral Lakes Lodge Inc. is formed and a jeep road constructed

1968 – The BC government establishes Cathedral Provincial Park

1977 – C.P. “Chess” Lyons (naturalist, world traveller, television producer and author) visits the park and has this to say:

Many years ago, before the coming of the white man, the Indians who lived along the Similkameen and Ashnola Rivers knew of these high mountain lakes. They came here in the summer to trap or shoot hoary marmots. From these hoary marmots, they made very valuable blankets. Today, you may find flint chips around the lodge testifying to the old Indian encampments.”

An international boundary survey recorded these magnificent mountains and sparkling lakes for the first time in 1860. Charles Wilson was the secretary-treasurer in charge of establishing an international boundary.”